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COVID-19 Wish List for New Refugee Families

Filed in Health Program News by on May 7, 2020

During the spring 2020 season of physical distancing», distance learning, and economic downturn, newcomer families in San Diego County need support more than ever. NSDI ( Nile Sisters Development Initiative ) is working diligently through the COVID-19 crisis to provide essential services and emergency relief» Current efforts include all the following:

  • Guiding 22 CalNEW» students and families through the logistics of receiving Chromebooks for distance learning from SDUSD ( San Diego Unified School District )»
  • Assisting students and parents who want to receive installation of free Wi-Fi internet connection through Cox Connect2Compete» and Spectrum Internet.»
  • Notifying SDUSD when families are in need of hotspot internet access
  • Providing families with resource lists» translated into five languages. Lists include locations of food banks and free meals for students, COVID-19 safety measures, and school-closure updates.
  • Helping students to navigate internet conferencing tools, ensuring that they have access to distance-learning websites, and providing one-on-one distance-learning assistance
  • Conducting quality check-ins with parents, teachers, and counselors to address concerns of LEP ( Limited English Proficiency ) students and families engaging in distance learning

You Can Help
You can affect a notable improvement in the lives of newcomer families across San Diego County through our emergency relief» program.

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis, we have developed wish lists, compiled through conversations with families and school staff. Wish lists prioritize the immediate needs of our newcomer families and include items such as essential household supplies, school supplies, and baby supplies. Your generous tax-deductible support provides aid, shipped directly to specific families.

Fulfill a wish list for newcomer families.»
Provide remote or direct support to newcomer families.»

Candidates seeking to provide direct support to students and their families are subject to a comprehensive criminal, physical, and medical background check.

For additional information regarding emergency relief.»

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