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Teen-Aged African Refugee Boy Using a Computer

We Help Facilitate Refugee Self-Reliance

Nile Sisters Development Initiative ( NSDI ) designs and develops programs that acclimate, acculturate, advocate and educate resettling and relocating refugee and immigrant families. We also assist families that demonstrate a need for our services beyond the resettlement period. Upon request, NSDI makes auxiliary aids and services available to individuals with disabilities.

Our services fall into the following three general categories:

  • emergency relief
  • employment facilitation
  • family advocacy and education

Emergency Relief

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Nile Sisters Development Initiative has an urgent permanent need for infant supplies to distribute to new-arriving refugee families in San Diego County.

Essential Household, Personal and School Supplies

Nile Sisters Development Initiative focuses attention on helping refugee and immigrant families to gain skills that lead to self-reliance as quickly as possible. During resettlement, families sometimes encounter extraordinary challenges that leave them temporarily unable to meet their most basic needs. Under these conditions, refugee and immigrant families qualify for emergency supplies.

Year-round financial donations from philanthropic individuals like you help Nile Sisters to purchase an assortment of materials essential to every household. These materials fall under the following categories:

  • baby essentials
  • bathroom essentials
  • bedroom essentials
  • food essentials
  • kitchen essentials
  • school essentials

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Employment Facilitation

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California Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Vocational Training

Qualified participants attend a professional nursing school in order to prepare for California certified nursing healthcare settings. Prospective participants partake in an orientation process, complete two English proficiency examinations, and participate in an interview panel. Matriculated students invest in their success by contributing a buy-in fee and receive one-on-one support during and post training. Many CNA participants obtain employment within months, depending upon their career interests.

Professional Development Tutoring

Nile Sisters Development Initiative provides both group and one-on-one tutorial services to adult refugees and immigrants who desire to enhance their professional development skills (resume building, cover-letter composition, interviewing practice, job application techniques) as they seek employment. Professional development tutoring is free.

Family Advocacy and Education

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Cultural Orientation

Refugee and immigrant families resettling in and relocating to San Diego find themselves immersed in a fast-paced environment of unfamiliar and, often, confusing customs. The process of acculturation—absorbing and integrating a new culture—requires transformation of behaviors, social and work activities, thinking patterns, values, attitudes, feelings, and self-identity. The process is complex, personal, typically nonlinear, repetitive, and frequently stressful.

Staffed by empathetic people who, themselves, have experienced American acculturation, Nile Sisters Development Initiative helps refugee and immigrant families hurdle cultural assimilation by either introduction to or assistance through the following US systems:

  • education
  • employment
  • housing
  • monetary
  • social
  • transportation

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