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Los Angeles Overview

Our Mission

To educate, support and offer training to refugee and immigrant women and their families to help them overcome
barriers to social and economic self-reliance.

The Need

Established in 2001, NSDI (Nile Sisters Development Initiative) advocates on behalf of refugees, immigrants, and
underserved Americans.

Most of the people we support . . .

  • arrive in the US with few belongings
  • lack basic English language skills
  • lack marketable employment skills
  • lack knowledge of US legal, monetary, and social systems

Some of the people we serve . . .

  • are without family breadwinners
  • are trying to cope at a poverty level
  • have secondary education, but not in English

Our Services

NSDI designs and develops programs that advocate for and educate refugee and immigrant families and other families
that demonstrate a need for our services. Our services fall into four general categories:

  • advocacy for culturally responsive services for diverse populations
  • behavioral and mental health and wellness
  • employment facilitation
  • family advocacy and education