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Online Donations

Your Online Donation Will Help Our Neediest Families

The online donation that you are about to make at our PayPal secure-server location will help Nile Sisters Development Initiative to purchase supplies for refugee and immigrant families with the most urgent household needs. Please accept our grateful thanks on behalf of the hundreds of families who will benefit from your kind generosity.

Clicking any button below will access our PayPal payment page. Once there, you will be able to accept or reselect your donation dollar amount.

Happy Giggling Refugee Infant, Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Clothing Furnishings Hygiene
bibs car seats baby body wash
cotton sweaters clothes hampers baby body lotion
knit caps cribs / mattresses baby oil
onesies dressers baby shampoo
socks strollers changing tables
cotton swabs
diaper bags
diaper pads
digital thermometers
infant bath tubs
warm-water thermos

A Young African Mother Dressed in Traditional Wardrobe

Clothing Nursing
blouses bottle brushes
pants bottles
shirts breast pumps
sweaters burping cloths
nursing bras
nursing pillows
pads for nursing bras

Large Stack of Assorted Colorful School Supplies

Preschool Grades K–12
alphabet books 3-hole punches, portable gym bag pens, black, blue and red
easy-to-read stories 3-ring binders headphones pocket folders
new small toy cars 12″ rulers highligting markers printer paper
new talking toys alarm clocks index cards safety scissors
backpacks looseleaf paper, wide rule school-supply boxes
book covers looseleaf paper, 3-hole spiral notebooks, 1-subject
calculators, handheld lunch bags / boxes staplers, small
crayons paper clips tabbed dividers, 3-ring
erasers, large pink pencils, classic #2 USB flash data drives
glue sticks pencils, colored white correction fluid
graph paper pencil sharpeners, handheld

Stack of Clean Dinner Plates and Eating Utensils

Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Living Room
bath mats bed frames bowls coffee tables
clothes detergent bed headboards cups floor lamps
ironing boards bed sheets cutlery sets sofas
laundry baskets blankets dinner plates upholstered chairs
shower gel box springs / mattresses flatware, stainless
toilet paper pillow cases microwave ovens
toothpaste pans / pots

Mops, Buckets and Household Cleaning Solutions

Dust and Dirt Control
dust pans
garbage cans
vacuum cleaners

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