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FULSToP ( Families Uniting Locally to Solve Tobacco Proliferation ) is a community-based initiative that aims to reduce tobacco-related health disparities among refugee, ethnic, and African-American / Black communities and make gains toward health equity through collaborative, regional approaches directed toward policy change and community education.

FULSToP collaborative partners engage in activities to facilitate the adoption and implementation of smoke-free policy with faith-based organizations and smoke-free MUH ( Multi-Unit Housing ) policy. Additionally, FULSToP seeks to enhance deterrent policies toward flavored tobacco products.

FULSToP contract 17–10977 receives funds from the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, through the Proposition 56 California Healthcare, Research, and Prevention Tobacco Act of 2016.

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Community Petitions

Join FULSToP in advocating for healthy homes and eliminating the availability of flavored tobacco products, including menthol, to help reduce the overall rate of tobacco use among the next generation.


Collaborative Partners
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