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April Is National Minority Health Month

Filed in Event News by on April 1, 2017

April is designated as National Minority Health Month» by the US Deparment of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Minority Health (OMH) in order to raise awareness of health disparities and inequities throughout the country. Practicing the 2017 theme, Bridging Health Equity Across Communities, NSDI (Nile Sisters Development Initiative) is increasing awareness of health, social, and economic disparities that impact refugee and ethnic populations in the San Diego region.

San Diego County is estimated to have a population of 150,000 refugee residents; approximately 30,000 reside within the City of San Diego. Over the years, NSDI has highlighted and addressed health concerns and social determinants of health in order to alleviate challenges faced by vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities. In 2016, NSDI constituents represented 31 different countries and spoke 25 diverse languages, spanning four continents.

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