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City of San Diego Allocates Funding for Refugee Program

Filed in Donor News by on January 10, 2017

Photo of a group of healthcare industry employees.

Nile Sisters Development Initiative (NSDI) is a recipient of City of San Diego Community Projects, Programs, and Services (CPPS) funding. The City of San Diego awards CPPS grants to public entities and not-for-profit organizations for “community, social, environmental, cultural or recreational needs.” Awarded by Councilmember Mark Kersey (District 5), the grant will fund the NSDI employment facilitation program named Back to Back Skill Development (B2B). This new investment will enable hard-to-reach populations to access certified nursing assistant (CNA) training so that they can enter the healthcare labor force.

San Diego CNA positions are in demand, and, through B2B, NSDI exposes refugees and immigrants to priority employment sectors to promote gainful and sustainable livelihoods. From 2012 program implementation to date, nearly 80 CNA participants have benefited from the asset-building program. Participants generally obtain employment in the healthcare industry within a few months after successful completion of the program.

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