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Pramoda S., New Certified Nursing Assistant Graduate

Filed in Employment Facilitation News by on December 3, 2016

Photo of Pramoda F.

In 2014, Pramoda S., her husband, and two sons moved to the US from Nepal in order to take advantage of better opportunities. In the beginning, Pramoda experienced difficulties in navigating new systems due to limited knowledge of American customs. In Nepal, Pramoda had been a banker, but in the US, she struggled to understand diverse spoken accents of people she encountered. She didn’t know where to begin to apply for a job or to seek education or skill-training.

Despite the challenges, Pramoda was intent on education to enable upward mobility. She found the San Diego Continuing Education Mid-City Campus and enrolled in the vocational English as a second language (VESL) program. After Pramoda indicated her interest in pursuing a career in the healthcare sector, an instructor introduced Pramoda to Nile Sisters. Pramoda enrolled in Nile Sisters 44-day certified nursing assistant (CNA) evening-class program while she maintained a part-time day job. Since completing the training, Pramoda has passed the California CNA certification exam.

Her advice to people in similar circumstances is that “learning never ends.” She encourages others to pursue education and keep learning something new to diversify their job prospects.

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