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New Certified Nursing Assistant Vocational Training Graduate from Haiti

Filed in Employment Facilitation News by on April 6, 2016

Since 2010, Gary N. and his family have called San Diego their home. Moving from Port-au-Prince, Haiti then to Mexico, then to San Diego, Gary has rediscovered what it means to live in a supportive and safe environment, surrounded by people who do not judge your past but want to be a part of bettering your future.

Photo of Gary N., new Nile Sisters Initiative vocational training graduate

Photo Caption
Gary N.,
Resettling from Haiti

Nile Sisters was a part of this supportive community and environment. “Nile Sisters’ certified nursing assistant (CNA) vocational training was good for me, and other Nile Sisters’ programs are good for people who have the determination to grow. That’s what Nile Sisters helps you do—grow—for yourself, your family, and your future. Nile Sisters has helped me move forward.”

During CNA training, Gary held multiple jobs to support his family of four children. Now in his spare time, Gary is a Nile Sisters tutor and a frequent participant in Nile Sisters events, often sharing valuable personal advice. As a CNA, Gary strives to offer the same compassion and attention to patients that he received upon his arrival in the US. “Nile Sisters is one of the organizations that is really helping refugees to integrate into the country. I am grateful for all I have learned.“

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