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New Certified Nursing Assistant Vocational Training Graduate from Haiti

Filed in Employment Facilitation News by on February 13, 2016

Fabine F. left Haiti in 2010 after a disastrous earthquake ravaged her hometown of Port-au-Prince, killing her sister and destroying her family’s livelihood. The earthquake tragically impacted Haiti’s education infrastructure and forced Fabine from school just before she completed her undergraduate degree in business administration.

Photo of Fabine F., new Nile Sisters Initiative vocational training graduate

Photo Caption
Fabine F.,
Resettling from Haiti

Fabine and her family relocated to Navajoa Sonora, Mexico, where they lived for some time before seeking asylum in the United States. While in Mexico, Fabine resumed university coursework while holding parttime jobs as a waitress, a cook, and a cashier. Low wages, limited hours, and rigorous class schedules made it difficult for Fabine to establish a productive and fulfilling lifestyle. She sought and received asylum in San Diego, where she quickly acclimatized to a new culture.“I feel good here.”

Fabine found Nile Sisters Development Initiative in 2014 and completed a rigorous orientation and selection process before enrolling in the Back to Back (B2B) skill development and employment facilitation program to train as a California Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She excelled in the program, passed the state exams, and has secured employment as a CNA in the healthcare sector. Fabine joins a growing network of resettled refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants whose skills and income have benefited from the B2B program.

Fabine credits her mother as inspiration.”My mother made sure all nine of her children attended school. Nile Sisters is big part of this success. Not only did they send me to school, they encouraged me to stay motivated even after I did not pass the CNA exam the first time. I learned about patience.” Fabine advises other newly resettling refugees and immigrants aspiring to achieve their own career goals to not give up.”Try again and again to achieve your goals. They will happen.”

Fabine’s ultimate goal is to become a registered nurse. “Nursing is a good career because I will get to help people and potentially save lives, too.”

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