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Nile Sisters Participates in Civil Society Strategy Meeting, New York City

Filed in Event News by on September 18, 2016

On September 18, 2016, Nile Sisters Development Initiative attended a global Civil Society action committee meeting in New York City. The meeting convened one day in advance of the United Nations High-Level Summit (HLS) on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Immigrants», held on September 19, 2016. The HLS meeting purpose was to plan action beyond the Summit. Topics of discussion included creating global and national campaigns that foster inclusive and diverse societies devoid of xenophobia, discrimination, and racism; and the safe migration and protection of migrants in helpless circumstances.

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Photo of Nile Sisters presenting at the Civil Society action committee meeting in New York City

Photo of Nile Sisters presenting at the Civil Society action committee meeting in New York City

Nile Sisters Helps Deliver 10,000 Refugee Postcards to US Congress

Filed in Event News by on September 15, 2016

Nile Sisters recently participated in a national postcard campaign to support refugees. The campaign ran through September and October 2016, and during this time, Nile Sisters collected both electronic and print postcards. Collectively, more than 40 entities throughout the Unite Sates gathered 10,000 postcards. On September 15, 2016, Nile Sisters attended a press conference convened in Washington, DC, to deliver signed postcards to US Congress members, urging them to welcome and support refugees.

The initiative was arranged ahead of the refugee summits, organized by United Nations General Assembly and US President Obama, and scheduled for September 19–20, 2016, in New York City. The campaign called for US and world leaders to stand with refugees at a time when more than 65 million people—the highest number in documented history—are displaced.

Photo of enlarged refugee postcard displayed outside on the sidewalk

Invitation to Healthcare Career Symposium 2016

Filed in Event News by on August 25, 2016

Photo of a stethoscope.

Healthcare career employment opportunities are projected to grow in the San Diego Region. To bridge the gap between employers and prospective candidates from cross-cultural populations, Nile Sisters is hosting a Healthcare Career Symposium. The symposium will expose refugee and immigrant communities to a plethora of opportunities within the healthcare sector. Participants will learn to build career résumés, hone interviewing skills, expand career networks, and connect with healthcare providers and healthcare educational institutions in San Diego.

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Invitation to Film Screening of Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus

Filed in Event News by on July 28, 2016

Photo of two Eritrean women.Nile Sisters Development Initiative invites the public to a film screening of Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus, a powerful exposé of the struggles experienced by forcibly displaced Northeastern African refugees who seek safety from violence, torture, and persecution. Claiming a population of 150,000 refugees and former refugees, San Diego is the largest resettlement site in the state of California.This enlightening documentary will provide San Diegans with valuable insight for welcoming and helping Eritrean neighbors to rebuild their tragically broken lives.

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Sand to Sea Showcases Africaribbean Cultural Diversity

Filed in Event News by on July 6, 2016

Sand to Sea Showcase bannerSaturday evening June 18, 2016, Nile Sisters Development Initiative hosted Sand to Sea Showcase, an Africaribbean-themed event to commemorate World Refugee Awareness Month. The showcase space, nestled within the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego, celebrated African and Caribbean refugees and immigrants that make up some of the diverse Nile Sisters constituency and displayed for purchase the unique cultural products the constituents bring to the local community.

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Feminism Workshops Begin in July

Filed in Event News by on June 29, 2016

Nile Sisters is pleased to announce three feminism workshops to be presented in the months of July and August 2016. Feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. These workshops are part of a research project written by Marisa Meno, a student at San Diego State University», in partnership with Bread and Roses Center for Feminist Research and Activism», which maintains a goal to build a stronger local feminist community.

Illustration of a woman and a man symbol intertwined.

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Nile Sisters Celebrates Thingyan New Year Water Festival

Filed in Event News by on April 26, 2016 2 Comments

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, the Burmese community and other Nile Sisters stakeholders gathered in City Heights to celebrate Thingyan, the Burmese New Year water festival, a Buddhist event with roots in Hindu mythology. In Myanmar, Thingyan takes place from April 13 through April 16 and culminates on Lunar New Year Day.

Guests Observing Niles Sisters' Thingyan New Year water festival

Photo Caption
Elizabeth Lou flanked by two Thingyan guests

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Elizabeth Lou Enters San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame

Filed in Event News by on March 6, 2016

Elizabeth Lou, Nile Sisters Development Initiative president / CEO / founder, became an inductee to the Women’s Museum of California San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame on March 6, 2016.

Elizabeth Lou

Photo Caption
Elizabeth Lou, Encircled

Established in 1997, the Women’s Museum has become a full-fledged women’s history museum and a valuable community education resource. The Women’s Museum co-founded and sponsors the annual San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame process to acknowledge and honor women who have made outstanding volunteer contributions and contributed significantly to quality of life in San Diego Country.

This year marked the fifteenth annual San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame event, and one of five women honored, Elizabeth Lou was recognized as an empowerer of women throughout her 15-year dedication to serving refugee and immigrant women.

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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Offers Donors a Taste of Appreciation

Filed in Event News by on March 5, 2016

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, Nile Sisters Development Initiative hosted an intimate taste of appreciation for major donors who have helped to make a substantial impact on the lives of refugees and immigrants in the San Diego region.

Hermila Yifter

Photo Caption
Hermila Yifter,
Nile Sisters Development and Outreach Coordinator

The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a symbol of friendship, respect, and hospitality. Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee, and many of Nile Sisters’ constituents are native Ethiopians. The March event provided opportunities for cultural and historical exchange as well as samples of authentic Ethiopian coffee and pastries.

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Elizabeth Lou, The Salvation Army 2016 Women of Dedication Honoree

Filed in Event News by on January 27, 2016

In 2015, The Salvation Army celebrated a milestone—150 years of worldwide service. An extension of the organization, The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary generates awareness, supports The Salvation Army mission, and annually selects and honors local women who exemplify commitment to community service.

Elizabeth Lou

Photo Caption
Elizabeth Lou

Every year since 1965, the Women of Dedication committee has selected and honored outstanding women from the San Diego region who excel in selfless service to View entire story.»